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Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire

With effect from Tuesday 11th February 2020, Hucclecote Surgery will be offering a new service every Tuesday between 3pm - 4.30pm.  This is a FREE service offered by Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire. Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire is commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council​

What is Weigh and Go?


• A quick, simple, free weigh-in service.

• Weigh and Go takes just minutes per week and helps patients to stay on track with their weight loss journey. 

• They will be weighed by a professional Healthy Lifestyles Coach who can provide support.

• There is no need to book, just come along to any group and join for free.

• Free online support from our Healthy Lifestyles Coaches and other members, with recipes, hints and tips


Please call 0800 122 3788 for more information or visit their website:

You can also access their online community through Best-You app 

Everything you need to know about cervical screening:


Cervical screening, or the “smear test”, is a routine health check that identifies potentially harmful cells and changes on the cervix. Cervical screening is not a test for cancer but catching any changes early can reduce your risk of developing cervical cancer. Cervical cancer kills two women every day. Regular screenings can help reduce that number, which is why it’s so important you attend your screening when invited. 


Our nurses are trained to do all they can to put you at ease during your appointment and are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. However, whether you attend your screening or not, is ultimately your choice.


If you’re due to have a cervical screening, you’ll receive an invite letter in the post. Don’t ignore it, book your cervical screening here today.


If you missed your previous appointment or are unsure if you are due a screening, please contact us and we will book you an appointment if you’re due.


You can book an appointment by calling us on 01452 617295.

Dementia Awareness

The following information sheet is intended to give a general overview of support services for people with dementia and carers of people with dementia.  The document has also been organised to provide a starting point and a record of any help you and the people who support you need now or in the future.  


Gloucestershire CCG #NoShow Campaign











The 'No Show' campaign has been launched to encourage people to call and cancel their appointment when they cannot make it.  

Please watch the following video for more information:  #NoShow Video

New online support site for people with Type 1 Diabetes

It can be hard for those newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to know which websites to trust, so NHSE has made it easier by collecting all the useful NHS-trusted links in one place. The site provides links to practical help on injecting insulin and checking blood glucose levels as well as useful advice around living with the condition. 

For more information, please click here.  

There is also an online resource site for people with Type 2 Diabetes, please click here for more information.

Childhood Vaccinations

This year, NHS England South are running a campaign aimed at promoting the uptake of childhood vaccinations.

Childhood vaccinations cover the range of vaccinations delivered from at around 8 weeks old up to when a child first goes to school at 5 years old.

There are three good reasons to have your child vaccinated:

  • vaccinations are quick, safe and extremely effective

  • once your child has been vaccinated against a disease, their body can fight it off better

  • if a child isn’t vaccinated, they’re at higher risk of catching – and becoming very ill from – the illness

More information and useful resources please visit:

Please click here for a schedule of immunisation's.

Let's Talk - Online Free Therapy

Adults in Gloucestershire can now benefit from online therapy free through the NHS.

The Let’s Talk service has expanded the range of help it provides to adults in Gloucestershire. People can now access support from therapists via an online programme, called SilverCloud, at a time that is convenient to them.

Let’s Talk continues to offer other therapy options, which include support over the phone, through courses or face-to-face.

The service helps thousands of adults who are experiencing issues like stress, anxiety and depression each year.

Find out more by visiting or calling 0800 073 2200.

Be Clear on Cancer - Blood in Pee

In July 2018, Public Health England are launching a national campaign aimed at raising awareness of the symptoms of bladder and kidney cancer.  For more information, please visit:

Kidney Disease Management

Taking certain medicines when you are dehydrated can result in you developing a more serious illness.  Please click on the leaflet below to find out further information on when you should stop some of your medicines.

Medicines and Dehydration "Medicine Sick Day Guidance"

Parent Guide to Winter Absences

Please click here to see a handy guide for parents, especially during the winter months.

Healthy Start Scheme

The Healthy Start scheme provides help to pregnant women, new mothers and children under the age of four who are from a low income family, in order to encourage a healthy diet.


Those who are a beneficiary of the Healthy Start scheme can also receive free supplies of vitamin supplements. These are tablets for pregnant women and new mothers, and vitamin drops for children. People on the scheme receive a vitamins voucher every eight weeks which can be exchanged for the free Healthy Start Vitamins product suitable for their needs.


For further information, visit:

Shingles Vaccination 

Who's eligible for a Shingles Vaccination? People in their 70's born on or after 2 September 1942 and those aged 78 or 79 years are eligible for Shingles Vaccination.

There is a useful shingles vaccination calculator available online, simply click on the link and type your date of birth in and find out if you are eligible:  'The Shingles Vaccination'

(Please note the calculator works best with Internet Explorer).

Keeping Antibiotics Working

Taking antibiotics encourages harmful bacteria that live inside you to become resistant.  That means that antibiotics may not work when you really need them.  This puts you and your family at risk of more severe or longer illness.  For more information click here

#JoinTheHerd today and get your MMR jabs to protect you, your family and the community from measles

Gloucestershire has seen a significant increase in measles cases. If you missed out on your MMR vaccine in the past or if you are unsure you’ve had the 2 doses, please contact Hucclecote Surgery on 01452 617295. Please also watch the following video for more information